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"Super facilities, super teaching, super resources.  Super happy!" Cambridge level 1, 2021

"What a great week with a fantastic group of people and amazing tutors". Cambridge level 1, 2021

Training in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

"You all worked so well as a team and your energies gave such a lovely support to us and the learning environment" Cambridge Level 1, 2021

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Dr Ruth Meyers, a biomedical engineer with a PhD and a post-graduate certificate in higher education teaching, is now a Goiz-certified trainer. She spent 28 years as a career scientist at several universities of international standing before her retirement. She is now leading outstanding biomagnetic pair training courses in English in the UK and Europe. Both Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics (levels 1 and 2) are on offer.

She has teamed up with Ruth Bell and Faye Coulson and created Biomagnetic Pair Training UK, where you can find details and enrol on courses, taster sessions and practice sessions.

Additionally you can consult Cursos Goiz Europe

or the Skuers Magnets website for information and registration.